GM Sun of Ultima Tectum

Class: Blueblue giant
Gravity: Massive
Anomalies: Permanent sunspot, violent sun storms, xenos mausoleum

-Violent sun storms are caused by warp gate inside of the sun’s heart. Cauldron sphere around the sun is larger and more stormy than usual around blue giants. Forcing unshielded passenger on shuttle at inner cauldron to face radiation damage and psykers  to be exposed to songs of Sun-daemon

-Permanent sunspot is caused by xenos relic/mausoleum/weapon.  From this place raging powers of sun can be controlled and directed to blast across the system.

-Xenos mausoleum is one of the pinnacles of their culture. Inside unyielding power field floats temple-monument of native xeno race:

Ocular of warp sight: Lens adjusted towards heart of the warp gate and blistering daemon.

Monolith of Sun Flares: Controls bursts of Sun Flares

Wall of Memory: Epilogue of native xeno race. Updated until the destruction of native xenos home planet.

-If blue giant goes supernova while daemon is still bound to it’s heart that obliterates the daemon. Daemons primary goal is to escape from the sun, secondary goal is to prevent sun going supernova before primary goal is achieved.