GM NPC Ardman


Stationed to Bastion of Saint Drusus

Veteran of winter warfare campaign.



Is positioned to planet when Gloria Lapidarius is built.

Independent command to protect Bastion of Saint Drusus


-Chastised by Arbitrator Mordechai for housing chickens and washer women at the barracks.


-Is excluded from ground operations of Brother-militant Makbae and Judge Mordechai.


-Is ordered to perform suicide charge with his troops against overwhelming army of Huwan insurgency by Judge Mordechai. Is grievously wounded and saved by Judge’s rhino with regimental standard. New mechanical pelvis attached by funding of grateful colony. Starts to question military leadership of Judge Mordechai.


-Is happy and scheming while guarding Bastion of Saint Drusus during infamous winter siege of Valley of Dense Smoke.

-Is suddenly ordered by Judge Mordechai to participate PDF operation against archeotech horribilis.

“Half Prayer Campaign” ends up with mass rebellion of famished troops. After executing the traitors Major Ardman retreats with remaining 10.000 soldiers, amount that is insufficient to continue effective siege against Vault of the Frosty Spire, back to Bastion of Saint Drusus.

Ardman gains In to the Jaws of Hell and his troops gain crack troops (+20 to crew rate) level with haunted, survival and resistance (cold) talents.