GM Minor NPC Gravis Major

Petrus, Sly native convert
-Spy for spiritual leader of Huwan tribes.
-“Huwan name”

Sokanol, Huwan Tribes Sipiritual leader
-Leader of great sanctification ritual which protects Gravis Major from wrath of Blue Giant and prevents daemon using psychically attuned individuals for his plans.

Enapai, Leader of Salmon tribe
-Loves to bargain, negotiates during flaming salmon oil bath.

Rowtag, Shaman of Salmon Tribe
-Carries rod of tidal commandment.

Akecheta, Leader of Eagle tribe,
-Shares continent with imperial colonists
-Usharillo enthusiast

Ho’Kee, Shaman of Eagle Tribe
-Aging and absent minded.
-Rambles about, “Cosmic egg which will bring angels back.”

Demothi, Leader of Snake tribe
-Fierce warrior, Obsessed with lost rod of plenty. His family shame is that it was their forefather who lost the relic.

Onchok, Shaman of Snake tribe
-Devout follower of Valbog
-Yearns for the old days when captives were sacrificed to Valbog
-Heavy consumer of Jingo resin.
-Blind from staring at the sun.