GM Gravis Major

Class: Rock planetMAJOR 2
Size: Normal Gravity: Standard
Atmosphere: Terran
Anomalies: Eldar plants, psychic shield around planet.
Description: Three continents (arctic, temperate, desert). Terraformed by Hegemony of Terra. Deep within the bedrock are located great archaotech fallout shelters. One in each continent.



Temperate continent:

Imperial colony “Bastion of Drusus” pop: 5000
Fortress-Manor of Grand falls pop: 500
Native population: 1.000.000
Archaotech fallout shelter
Territory of eagle tribe, Akecheta, Leader of Eagle tribe,
Production: Usharillos (Psyrate lowering herbal smoke), dried Grox meat

Usharillo infested Soft-wood

The temperate continent a wide variety of weather through the year, with very cold and harsh winters and very hot and humid summers. Wind speeds are often very high, especially in winter. The Great Plains have dust storms mostly every year or so.



Desert continent:images9
Native population: 700.000
Abundant wild grox herds.
Archaotech fallout shelter, seed vault for terraformation of the planet.
Territory of snake tribe, Demothi, Leader of Snake tribe
Production: Jingo resin, Holy ritual substance for Shamans only.
Arachmite poison, bone-breaking epileptic convulsions and warp visions of madness, holy punishment for spiritual enemies of the tribes.

Ripe Jingo plants

The desert continent is defined by numerous mountain ranges creating its extreme conditions. These ranges often create valleys, endorheic basins, salt pans, and seasonal saline lakes when precipitation is high enough. These mountain ranges and valleys are caused by tectonic formation; a geologic area of crustal thinning which pulls open valleys over millions of years. Most of the valleys are internally drained (endorheic basins), so all precipitation that falls within the continent does not eventually flow to the ocean.

Arctic continent: images11
Native population: 300.000
Archaotech fallout shelter, upper level occupied by HLF leaders
Territory of salmon tribe, Enapai, Leader of Salmon tribe
Production: Fish oil (nutrition and fuel), Apex gonads (healing and invigorating medicine).

Elusive Yeti adaptation of STC ape

Arctic continent is volcanic and geologically active. The interior consists of a plateau characterized by sand and lava fields, mountains, and glaciers, and many mighty glacial rivers flow to the sea through the lowlands. It is warmed by the ocean stream and has a temperate climate, despite a high latitude just outside the arctic circle. Its high latitude and marine influence keep summers chilly, with most of the archipelago having a tundra climate.

“Bastion of Saint Drusus”

Habitat: Locally named as “Mudpit”
Description: Imperial colony
Population: 5.000 Imperial citizens
150 Imperial guards
Cultural specialties:
-Colonists, building infrastructure
-Excavators, gathering resources
-Collectors, collecting exotic trade goods
-Usharillos, lowers psy rating
-Apex glands, Toughness and charm bonus
-Arachmite poison, convulsions.
-Jingo resin, boosts psyrating


“Manor of Grand Falls”

Habitat: Imperial fortress

Population: 500
50 Imperial guards
Cultural specialties:
-Colonists, building infrastructure
-Excavators, gathering resources
-Collectors, collecting exotic trade goods


Non imperial habitats: Pre-imperial colonization survivals
Description: Primitive Hunter gatherer society with rare and  ancient technological relics embedded to their religion.
Population: est 2 million
Cultural specialties: Three separate tribes from different fallout shelters.

Sokanol, Spiritual leader of Spirit dance cult

Enapai, Leader of Salmon tribe

Akecheta, Leader of Eagle tribe, shares continent with imperial colonists

Demothi, Leader of Snake tribe

Huwan culture at Gravis Major


Snake tribe religion and rituals

Tribal lands contain of endless desert dotted with underground oasis. Somewhere in the middle of unforgiving land is one of the terraforming bunker left behind by ANGELs.

Shamans of snake tribe were in position of power as they calculated the amount of Huwan sacrifice to avert wrath of Valbog, sun-god.

In old times before coming of Usha great Huwan sacrifice rituals kept population of the planet tightly under 50.000 individuals.

As great usharillo festival was introduced to Huwan society need for limiting population

Huwan archaotech relics at Gravis Major

Rod of waves, tidal command,
-Carried by shaman of the salmon tribe

Rod of mirage, holographic projection
-Hidden at ancient leaders tomb. Location known by shamans.

Rod of plenty, accelerated growth and healing
-Lost to desert. Rod’s carrier was late at heaven’s gate and it was already full.Then he perished to the desert. Living prodigy are aware of the legend and search for rod of ANGELs.

Silver sky canoe

-Wooden canoe around 100 meters long. Coated with silver paint
-Ancient relic of Huwan Tribes, was built by ancestors and has survived several sun storms.
-Controlled by

-Anti-Gravity system gives levitation and propulsion Pow: 1
-Archaotech void shield Pow: 4
-Sunsear laser battery Pow: 5 (Best quality -1 Pow, -1 Siz)
-Antique bridge Pow: 1 (Good quality -1 Pow)
-Plasma reserve banks: Pow +11 (Good quality +1 Pow)